Africa is a big place. With 54 states and over 2000 dialects, Africa is one of the most culturally diverse regions on the planet. Varying levels of socioeconomic development and prevailing political instability add to the excitement and complexity of doing business in Africa, which still boasts enormous untapped potential  and  possibilities.

After nearly 15-years of high growth, the so-called “Africa Rising” narrative appears to have come to an end. But the story is not as simple as “rising” or “falling”. Some economies in Africa are growing while others are contracting. African firms are emerging and competing across the continent with multinational counterparts, finding growth and opportunity through an alternative approach to business, in niche areas, seeking new partnerships. Africa’s “New Normal” presents undeniable challenges to business. But a deeper understanding of the current trends and future trajectory along with an appreciation of the cultural, values and political nuances across this mighty continent are essential if business is to realise Africa’s long-term prospects.

But where do we start? How do we measure, assess and compare economic potential and future opportunities?"

This power-packed presentation by Prof. Lyal White (Senior Director of the Johannesburg Business School – JBS), an experienced, leading and knowledgeable expert on Africa and business in the Region, will address these issues, providing you with valuable insight into the state of Africa, an outlook for the continent along with a discussion around some of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Africa and how we might assess progress and performance beyond simply size and growth.

Gain valuable insights on Doing Business in Africa by joining this seminar by Prof. Lyal White of the Johannesburg Business School at Automechanika Johannesburg 2017. The Seminar takes place on 28 September from 08:30 - 10:30 at  Jhb Expo Centre, Nasrec. Seats are limited and cost R530.

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